Shelby Alexander

Shelby Alexander

Lead Teacher


Bachelor of Arts in English 

Pursuing Masters in Speech and Language Pathology 


Teaching Experience: 

I have 7 years of experience teaching students with special needs. This will be my 6th year teaching at Hope Ranch Learning Academy. 


Teaching Philosophy: 

My teaching philosophy is that all children are deserving of an educational plan that is differentiated based on the individual needs of each student. Each child has separate talents and gifts, which motivates me to tailor my curriculum towards letting each child reach their full potential. I believe it’s important to celebrate each child as unique individuals and embrace their differences. 


I love teaching at Hope Ranch Learning Academy because we are part of a wonderful, caring, Christian community of educators who put students first.  It is a truly special thing to help and watch a child develop over the course of the school year. The administration makes sure to provide teachers with ongoing training and support. Hope Ranch has truly been a personal blessing for my daughter, who graduated from high school at HRLA last year.