Martine Kanyinda

Martine Kanyinda

Lead Teacher

My name is Martine Kanyinda. I worked as a Preschool Teacher in the VPK setting for about 9 years. Overall, I have worked with young children over 20 years.

 I have been awarded with an AS Degree in Early Childhood at HCC in 2000, AA at PHSC, in 2005, B.S. in Education Studies at Saint Pete College in 2015. Now I am pursuing my Master’s in Education Leadership and will graduate in spring 2021.

My philosophy is to inspire and encourage students for greatness. I love to support students' success by facilitating learning through study of subjects that is of interest to students.  I create an environment that will support students' journey of success through discoveries and real experience. I seek to guide children from needing assistance with a task to accomplishing a task independently by providing experiences that are challenging but attainable for every child.

I am so happy to join the HRLA family. I believe that HRLA has given me an opportunity to implement my God given gift to influence and help every child to meet their full potential socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically.